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Canadian Martyrs Church

As detailed in the history of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (found here), the arrival of this Order in the Ottawa area in the 1840's was the precursor of the eventual formation of the Ottawa East Catholic community. The leadership of the Oblates created institutions such as the University of Ottawa, St. Paul University and St. Patrick's College and churches such as Ste. Famille and Canadian Martyrs.

The history of Canadian Martyrs Church, reproduced below with the kind permission of Father Carl Kelly, OMI, was written by church parishioners for the 50th Anniversary and updated for the 60th Anniversary. As mentioned in the document, a Special Committee headed by Anne Burns did the original work. The document was scanned and then converted to text using Optical Character Recognition. Some of the material and photos were omitted but the material here has been reproduced as faithfully as possible. Where possible additional photographs have been added to enhance the reader's understanding. The original document is held in the church archive. We are indeed fortunate to have this documentation of an integral part of the history of Ottawa East.

A brief history of the martyrdom of the priests who became the "Canadian Martyrs" can be found here and a description of the stain glass windows can be found here.

The Canadian Martyrs


60th Anniversary
Canadian Martyrs Church


1930 - 1990
One of the aims of the 60th Anniversary Committee is to give new and old parishioners a flashback into the history and events which have moulded Canadian Martyrs Parish - the early days, present day parish life and its resources, and its goals for the future.

We were fortunate to uncover a manuscript, prepared by a Special Committee headed by Anne Burns, which was intended to celebrate the Parish's 50th Anniversary, but was never published. It is evident from the information contained herein that this Committee spent much time, energy and dedication in researching and collating the data. The task of the 60th Anniversary Committee was to fill in the intervening ten years. Our appreciation is extended to our predecessors for a job well done.
It is the hope of the Committee that this booklet will draw parishioners closer together and lead all nearer to God. The parish is a group of people who have joined together, working through the various means within their power, to promote the sanctification of the individual members, families and the community. Toward this objective, the commitment and efforts of all parishioners, young and old, are needed.
For many, a trip through memory lane will be nostalgic but for all it can be an inspiration.
Some of the pictures have been copied from the 25th Anniversary booklet.
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