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Air Photo Study

The difficulty in writing the modern history of Ottawa East lies in the difficulty finding records. Thank God for the churches! Not only did they keep a written history but also preserved some valuable photographs. Modern pictures are hard to come by given that most people don't realize the treasure in that old box under the bed. Fortunately, we do have an excellent record in the air photos stored at the National Air Photo Library here in Ottawa - a major plus for this project.
Below is an index map of the Ottawa East area. The map shows the location of the air photos and the Fire Insurance Maps explained here. Ottawa East has been divided into 3 parts: North, Central and South. In each part there are a series of rectangles with the numbers 22, 28, 31, 38 and 56. These correspond to the years 1922, 1928 and so on. If you carefully click on the exact number the link will take you to the specific photograph for that year which in some cases is cropped and expanded for your viewing pleasure. If this is all confusing then just click all over the map below and you'll get the idea.
Of major importance to the entire photographic collection found on this CD-ROM is the oblique air photograph taken in 1922. It is so important that a separate page has been designated to explain how the image was obtained and its significance to the history of Ottawa East. That page is found here. Don't miss it!
Remember that each of the picture references shown on the index map below are for that specific year. There are other air photos in the Image Library found here. To gain more flexibility the reader may wish to load the images in the Air Photo section in a more powerful image viewer. Identify the photograph by the cue card then search in the Air Photo Library. And you could always go here to see a Slide Show of all air photos. For some suggestions on how to study the photographs go here.
The 1956 Fire Insurance Maps can be found here.
And if all of the above is too confusing, here is a hotlinked index of all the air photos by year
1922 H_5_1922_clr_oe

A18_9_1928 | A18_11_1928 | A18_13_1928

A26_35_1928 | A26_36_1928

1931 A3332_43_1931 | A3332_67_1931| A3332_68_1931 | A3332_69_1931
1933 A4569_35_1933 | A4569_36_1933
1938 A6532_36_1938
1956 A13507_459_1956 | A13507_460_1956

X_St. Pat's_Air_1935 | X_rideau garden 1956 | X_rideau garden 1938
X_rideau garden 1931 | X_Air_1935 | X_air_1928_scholasticate
X_Air_1928 | X_36285_Gas_Tank_along river | H_5_1922_clr_oe
CA 9174_Mann_Lees_end | CA8610_Round_House_to_Canal
CA 8494_Gas_Works | CA 8301_Brantwood_Beach


Interactive Map

F_157_top.jpg F_157_btm.jpg F_159_top.jpg F_159_btm.jpg F_141_top.jpg F_141_btm.jpg F_163_btm.jpg F_163_btm.jpg F_162_top.jpg F_162_btm.jpg F_160_top.jpg F_160_btm.jpg F_161_top.jpg F_161_btm.jpg H_5_1922_north.jpg A18_9_1928_north.jpg A3332_67_1931.jpg A6532_36_1938_north.jpg A13507_459_1956_north.jpg H_5_1922_central.jpg A26_36_1928.jpg A3332_67_1931.jpg A6532_36_1938_central.jpg A13507_459_1956_central.jpg H_5_1922_south.jpg A26_36_1928_south.jpg A3332_43_1931.jpg A6532_36_1938_south.jpg A13507_460_1956_south.jpg F_158_Top F_158_Btm

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