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The History of Sainte-Famille Church continued

At Sainte-Famille, we extend a standing invitation to those without a home or community. For example, last spring, we held a special mass which was celebrated with members of the Rawandan community, many of whom lost relatives and close friends in the massacre in their home country. A similar service was quickly organized to comfort those who suffered from tragedy in Madagascar. Indeed, Sainte-Famille is a place where everyone can contribute in his or her own way, with full recognition of the wealth that a true Mosaic can bring.

The parishioners of Sainte-Famille have a history of undertaking and making projects Original parishoners - beside church - no datehappen. The best illustration of this is how people took action to allow their priest to take a year's sabbatical. Not only did parishioners find a replacement for him, but they helped him assume the cost of his trip to Europe.

While the actual management of the Parish continues to be done on a purely volunteer basis, the overall direction is provided by the, Executive which is democratically elected by the Parish Council; both meet on a regular basis throughout the year.

The Parish's year of activities usually begins in late August or early September when members of the French, Spanish and African communities meet and spend a day together. A theme is chosen and developed that will guide us throughout the year. Past themes are A living and responsible Christian community (Une communaute chretienne, vivante et
responsable and Come Celebrate Life. (Viens celebrer la Vie).

Last year, we chose to celebrate life together by overcoming age, language and cultural Original altar of Ste. Famille in the 1920'sbarriers. Quite a challenge you would say! How does one do it? Clay was the answer and the theme became, To become clay in Your Hands (Etre argile entre tes mains). By working clay with our hands, not only we were able to create a series of creative and somewhat unusual objects later put on display in the' Church, but we overcame our initial fear of not knowing one another. We were able to express our feelings and to build valuable links amongst ourselves. To culminate the day, three colourful balloons were launched to symbolize the three communities' efforts to strive for
greater understanding and co-operation. This yearly activity or as we say, JOURNEE DE RESSOURCEMENT, helps us grow and blossom as a Christian community. And just so we don't forget, our monthly bulletin is a constant reminder of the chosen theme. Parishioners are invited to contribute articles that will enhance it and encourage us to reflect upon it.

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