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Wesley United Church Stained Glass Windows
Each of the 24 windows listed below has links to the picture of the window.
Simply click on the name of the window.
Subject Remembering Presented By:
North Wall:    
1- Creation Gift George Chapman
2- Story of Moses Arthur Chapman
Sydney Chapman
Frederick Edwards
George and Agnes
3- The Carpenter's Family George Chapman
Agnes Chapman
Thomas Davies
Glynn Davies
Chapman, Davies
4- "Blessed are the Pure in heart" Carol Dale Her Family
5- Samuel Answered The Call Pioneers of Wesley and
Donors to Memorial Funds
The Congregation
6- Elijah Agnes and James Livie Their Family
7- Ascension Alwyn and May Peters
John Baron
Peters Family
8- 23rd Psalm Robert and Hannah
Their Family
9- Resurrection Peter Sinclair Gladys Sinclair and
10- David and Johnathon James MacFarlane Donated by Deceased
11- Ruth Maud Waterman Brown Alice Waterman
12- Dorcas Dorena Dodds Robert Dodds
South Wall:    
1- Nativity Lawrence Strindlund
John Strinlund
Vernal Strinlund
2- Master and Child Frederick Emond Gertrude Emond
3- David, the Psalmist Oliver Dawson Florence and
Elaine Dawson
4- Gethsemane Rev. Arthur J. Love The Congregation
5- Christ, the Healer Gertrude Emond Congregation and
Close Friends
6- The Supper Guest:
     Behold, I knock . . . "
Rev. Dr. H.W. Pointen The Congregation
7- Saint Andrew John and Lena MacFarlane Their Family
and Friends
8- "Come Unto Me" General Memorial The Congregation and
Fund Donors
9- The Good Shepherd Ida Gunter Her Family
10- Nativity C. Cliffor Taggart
Victoria Taggart
Their Family
11- Ascension Dedicated to "The Cause
of Christ"
George Chapman, on behalf of "a Member"
12- "In the beginning was the Word" Rev. Robert P. Condon
Margaret Condon
The Congregation
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