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Ottawa East Streets - Existing, Changed or Deleted

The two tables listed below offer a history of the streets that now exist or did exist in the past. The principal resources used for this information were the books by Brault (1946) and Ross (1927). The complete reference for these books is found in the Sources section. It appears that Brault relied heavily on the Ross book for the most part and there are some disagreements as to the toponymy of certain streets. Toponymy is the study of place names. Neither author offered any sources for their conclusions. Therefore the information regarding most streets should be viewed with a tad bit of scepticism.

In almost all cases the street location has been verified but there are some anomalies. For example, East Ave. was named about 1902 according to the Village records. Using known locations for certain residents, it appears that this was the stretch of road, originally called Canal Road, that ran from near the Exhibition Grounds to the present-day location of Nicholas St. We know it today as Echo Drive. The name only lasted for a few years and was changed by annexation in Bylaw 2777 in 1908.

Many of the deleted names appeared on Registered Plans of Subdivision and are included here only for reference when researching the particular area. Blank cells in the tables indicate no information available at this time.

Currently Existing Ottawa East Streets
The principal sources used for this information were: "Ottawa Old and New" by Lucien Brault (1946); and "Ottawa Past and Present" by A. H. D. Ross (1927). Where there is disagreement authors are noted by *Brault or **Ross.
BL = Bylaw and Plan = Registered Plan of Subdivision
Street Name
1. Beckwith Rd.   *Sir George Beckwith,Commander-General of Ireland (1753-1823) or Walter Beckwith of Westmeath, lumberman connected to the "Shiners"/ **Ross does not mention Walter Beckwith
- Plan M45
2. Belgrave Rd.   After Belgrave Square, London England
3. Bower St.   After Doctor (Ira?) Bower
4. Brantwood Drive Rideau River Dr. BL 372-62, Plan 261322
5. Brown St.   After Brown Family of "The Pines" at Riverdale at Main St.
6. Brunswick St. . After the Royal House of Brunswick
7. Bullock Ave. . . .
8. Burnham Rd.  .
9. Centennial Blvd. De Gaulle Blvd. Named for 1967 Canadian Centennial. Residents wanted change from De Gaulle, the French President who insulted Canada. BL 10-68, Plans 261322, 279122 and 407055
10. Chestnut St. After the tree
11. Clegg St. William T. Clegg, Paymaster of the Ordnance Dept.
12. Concord St. Center St. Massachusetts town where Emmerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne lived
13. Drummond St. Robert Drummond, contractor during building of Rideau Canal
14. Echo Drive Canal Road
East Ave. (Village)
Echoes heard at points. Echo Bank was across from the Exhibition Grounds where the Hay mansion was built.
15. Elliot Ave. Slattery St. .
16. Evelyn Ave. Ella St. Lady Evelyn, daughter of Lord Earl Grey, Governor General of Canada, who donated the Grey Cup to Canadian Football.
17. Glengarry Rd.   . A county in Scotland and Ontario
18. Glenora St. Bronson St. Bylaw 2777
19. Graham Ave.  . John Graham, owned the land, early pioneer of Ottawa, Plan 90280
20. Greenfield Ave. Second St. Samuel Greenfield, lived on street, early resident of community
21. Harvey St. Fifth St. Robert Harvey (Hervey), Ottawa Mayor 1849
22. Havelock St. Fourth St. Sir Henry Havelock, English General (1795-1857, served in the Indian Mutiny
23. Hawthorne Ave. Seventh St. Also Orchard Lane Nathaniel Hawthorne, American novelist (1804-1864)
24. Hazel St. Gordon St.  .
25. Herridge St.  . Rev. W. T. Herridge, Minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1883 to 1919. Church owned Conc. C, Lot H land (The Glebe)
26. Hurdman Road  . Robert Hurdman, lumber merchant, owner of extensive property
27. Lees Ave. William St. After Robert Lees, one of the founding fathers of Ottawa East Village
28. Letchworth Rd.  . Probably after Letchworth Park on the Genesee River in New York State
29. Main St. Macadamized Rd. Concession Line between C and D, BL 212-50, Riverdale to Echo, Plans 24, 28, 48, 78 and 102.
30. Mann Ave. Ann St. and Gladstone Ave. * General Gother Mann, Inspector General of Fortifications, appointed Lt. Col. John By to build Rideau Canal. ** Sir Donald Mann, Vice-president of Canadian Northern Railway BL 3400 (1912)
31. Marlowe Cres.   . Christopher Marlowe 1564-1593), English poet and dramatist
32. Mason Terrace
33. McGillivray St.  . Edward McGillivray, wholesale merchant, Ottawa Mayor 1859-59
34. McNaughton Ave.  .
35. Merrit Ave.
36. Montcalm St. Second St. Marquis de Montcalm (1712-1759), Commander of French troops at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham
37. Mount Pleasant Ave.  . Possibly because of the high elevation overlooking the canal
38. Mutchmor Rd. John Mutchmor, pioneer, served in War of 1812-13, rich proprietor
39. Oblate Ave.  . In honour of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (Scholasticate)
40. Old Greenfield Ave. Second St. See Greenfield above
41. Onslow Cres. Probably after George Onslow (1784-1853), French composer of instrumental music.
42. Redmond Place  .
43. Rideau Garden Dr.   After the Rideau Garden, a business owned by the Williams Family, located on an extensive farm between Riverdale, Main and Rideau River
44. Rideau River Terr.  .
45. Riverdale Ave. Elm Road Runs along the river - hence the dale of the river -
46. Robinson Ave.  . Hiram Robinson, lumber dealer, prominent citizen, helped start Ottawa Public Schools
47. Rosemere Ave.  .   .
48. Simcoe St.  . John Graves Simcoe, first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada from 1792 to 1799.
49. Springhurst Ave. Victoria St. A major spring ran from the canal across the Patterson property (St. Pat's) down the road to the river - this is speculation


Ottawa East Streets: Deleted or Name Changed
Street Name New Name(s) Original Location Reason for Deletion/Change
1. "B" St. Greenfield Ave. As presently located Was Second St.
2. Canal Road Echo Dr. Along east bank of Canal Also Gloucester to Ottawa Road
3. Cedar St. Harvey St. Extension of Harvey St. to Echo Drive Other streets in region with similar name
4. Center St. Concord St. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
5. Clay St.   Possibly part of Main St. at Canal Road (Echo Dr.)  
6. Crozier Proposed only West and parallel to Wilmott on plan Streets realigned off Elliot Ave.
7. East Ave. Echo Drive. Was Canal Road from Ottawa South through the Village to Nicholas St. Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
8. Ella St. Evelyn Ave. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
9. Fifth St. Harvey St. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
10. Fourth St. Havelock St. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
11. Second St. Greenfield Ave. As presently located Northern extension becomes "Old Greenfield"
12. Second St. West Greenfield Ave. As presently located Another name for Second St.
13. Section St.     Possibly incorrect listing in Municipal Directory
14. Seventh St. Hawthorne St As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
15. Sixth St. Wildwood St. Between and parallel to Hawthorne/Qway Now the Lees Ave. exit lane for Qway
16. Slattery St.   Present-day Elliot St. On the lot line between Lots I and K. Named after Wm. Slattery,original owner
17. Third St. Montcalm St. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
18. Victoria St. Springhurst Ave. As presently located Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
19. Wildwood   Between and parallel to Hawthorne/Queensway Now the Lees Ave. exit lane for the Queensway
20. William St. Lees Ave. As presently located Named after W.A.D. Lees Annexation BL 2777 (1908)
21. Wilmott Ave. Onslow Cres. As presently located On plan, intersected Slattery then north to Clegg.
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