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As with the 1901 Snapshot view of Ottawa East, the 1956 Fire Insurance Maps have been provided for a detailed look at the development of the community. This particular version was produced by the Underwriters' Survey Bureau Limited for use by insurance agencies in establishing the insurance risk when selling policies.
The map below has hotlinks to the map sections identified in RED. Simply hold the cursor on the index number and a cue card will appear revealing the file name. Clicking on the index number will bring up a large view of the map section. Please note, some browsers will load a reduced view of the image. Therefore when the image appears hold the cursor over the image until the enlargement button appears and then click that button for a full view.
The original maps were coloured to identify various types of buildings. Unfortunatley the cost of reproducting colour was prohibitive so the maps are in black and white. However if you go the map symbols index located here, it should be a relatively easy task to decipher the various codes without the colour.
If all else fails, use the hotlinked index found below the map or open the image in your own graphics software for much more flexibility.. All of the maps are found in the Image Library/Maps/Fire Insurance Maps/1956 Fire Insurance Maps. Have Fun!


1956 Fire Insurance Maps Index F_125_3_1956 F_125_2_1956 F_234_1_1956 F_235_1_1956_left F_234_4_1956_right F_235_2_1956 F_236_4_1956 F_236_2_1956 F_236_5_1956 F_236_3_1956 F_236_6_1956 F_237_1956 F_236_1_1956


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