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Immaculata High School
New Look for an Ottawa East Institution

Ed Cuhaci, June 1993

The architectural firm of Ed Cuhaci, Ottawa East resident, is managing the transformation of the Echo Drive Algonquin College Campus into the new site of Immaculata High School scheduled to open in September 1994.

The existing Colonel By Campus consists of three buildings situated around a landscaped courtyard. The most prominent building on the site is the College Building (built In 1930) with its main entrance facing Echo Drive. It was originally built for St. Patrick' s College. From 1973 to 1992 the building housed Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology.

The campus has undergone several alterations and additions over the years. In 1965 two
new buildings were added to the campus: Building A - horticulture, located east of the courtyard; and a library building, Building B, located south of the courtyard. The existing
courtyard, landscaped with a variety of plant, shrubs, and trees, is currently maintained by the horticulture department of Algonquin College. .

In the proposed site development, the new gymnasium complex is located where the horticulture building and library building now stand. The campus courtyard has been redesigned and divided into two components: a paved area, referred to as the students' "square," which will serve as a meeting place for students; and a landscaped area where special emphasis will be made to maintain the existing landscaping. This redesigned courtyard will be one of the appealing features of the campus.

The new library, located above the cafeteria, can be viewed from the proposed new walkways to the campus buildings. This library is an important feature in the new design and will play a great role in creating a new image for the "Immaculata Campus. "

The new gymnasium complex is a self-contained structure. In the event that it will be used for community and evening activities, it can be separated from the existing campus. The community entrance is located at the courtyard level. It is well lit with natural light creating a comfortable, inviting entrance. Also at this courtyard level are glazed windows which provide natural light to the gymnasium, as well as the foyer below. Total cost of the project is $12,000,000.

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