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New Developments at Saint Paul University
By Rita Girard Wallot - Mainstreeter - September 1989


Dr. Van Den Hengel heads the advisory committee


Starting in May 1989, the Faculty of Theology will offer a new pro-gramme in theological formation for the teachers in the Roman Catholic Schools of Ontario.

This Pilot programme in Religious Education is the result of a close collaboration between the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA), the Ottawa Roman Catholic School Board, the Carleton Roman Catholic School Board and the Faculty of Theology.

This 30-credit programme will offer the teachers the possibility of obtaining the additional qualification in religious education according to the rules set by the Ministry of Education and OECTA.

At the same time, the Faculty of Theology welcomes this programme as a new and additional opportunity to realize one of its basic educational purposes which is to prepare adult Christians for the service of the Church and society in the field of Catholic education.

Two Dimensions

The programme has, as its basic rationale the integration of two dimensions of the adult learning process: experience and reflection. To meet the particular needs of educators, the programme will develop dynamic relationships between content and process, between theological formation and the contemporary life of the Christian community.

The programme is divided into three parts arid is presented thematically. There are significant differences between the design, content and cur-riculum of this programme and the Initiation to Theology programme. The pilot programme aims to be progressive and incremental, to incorporate integration components, and to be sensitive to the mission and task of the participants.

In the realization of this new programme, the Faculty of Theology will be assisted by an Advi-sory Committee chaired by professor John Vanden Hengel. The Committee is composed of
representatives from OECTA and the partici-pating School Boards, and of an expert in adult education. The Faculty of Theology will request the Senate of Saint Paul University to create a Certificate of University Studies in Catholic Religious Edu-cation. This certificate will be granted to those who have successfully completed the 30-credit programme.

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