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Editors Note: The following obituaries have been reproduced by Bruce Ballantyne
James Ballantynes Obituary:
Ottawa Journal, 7 April, 1925, P. 14
A prominent and widely known and respected figure in Ottawa, Mr. James Ballantyne one of the founders of the J. and T. Ballantyne Company, fuel dealers, died last night (Monday April 6, 1925) at his home, 54 Main St., Ottawa East. With the passing of Mr. Ballantyne, a host of warm friends lose a great personal friend who ever held their deepest admiration and respect, and his death will cast a shadow of regret over many Ottawa homes today.

Although widely known in all parts and sections of the city, Mr. Ballantynes chief circle of interest lay in Ottawa East, where he had lived for half a century, and in which district he had always taken an active interest.

Mr. Ballantyne, who was ninety years of age, was born at Newcastleton, Scotland, on Monday March 9, 1835, a son of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Ballantyne. When he was only about five years of age, he came to Canada with his parents in 1840 and settled with them on a farm near Smiths Falls. During the early years of his life, he lived near Smiths Falls, engaging to a considerable extent in building and contracting. He received his early education in public and private schools.

In 1863 he came to Ottawa, and established a barrel factory on Green Island, New Edinburgh, which was later destroyed by fire. From there he moved to what is now Ottawa East, where in conjunction with his brother Thomas, he erected a factory and engaged in manufacturing cooperage stock and other wood products. In the year 1890, the sale of coal was taken up and Adam and Arthur Ballantyne, sons of James and Thomas Ballantyne respectively, entered the business. In succeeding years, the business passed into their management entirely.

While both the original members of the firm are now passed, the firm still carries on under the old name, under the direction of Mr. Ballantynes sons. Mr. Thomas Ballantyne died two years ago.

When Mr. Ballantyne moved to Ottawa East, which was before the village was annexed by the city, Ottawa East was only a small centre. Mr. Ballantyne took an intense interest in municipal and civic affairs, and was one of the leading citizens of the town. He was reeve of the village of Ottawa East for seven consecutive years, and an active worker in all betterment plans and projects. Mr. Ballantyne and others, including Messrs. A.W. Fleck, D.M. Finnie and B. Slattery, were behind the establishment of a system of waterworks for the village. At the time of annexation the system was taken over by the city.

Mr. Ballantyne was active not only in civic and municipal politics, but also in county politics. He was a member of the Carleton County Council for nine years and warden for one year. In provincial and federal politics his leanings were with the Liberal Party. In religion he was a member of the Unitarian Church and was broadly tolerant.

He celebrated his ninetieth birthday on March 9 inst., and throughout his life enjoyed good health. His death came suddenly and unexpectedly. On Wednesday April 1 last he was working in his garden and on Thursday he was forced to take to his bed.

His wife, formerly Mary Foster of Smiths Falls, died 49 years ago Sunday April 5.

Mr. Ballantyne is survived by two sons, Messrs. Norman and Adam Ballantyne of Ottawa, now carrying on the firm of J. and T. Ballantyne, and one daughter, Miss May Ballantyne, at home. Also living are two brothers, Frank of New York State and Elliott, of Smiths Falls, and one sister, Miss Agnes, of Smiths Falls.

The funeral service will be held at 9:30 Wednesday morning at the home. The body will be taken to the Central Depot, thence to Smiths Falls for interment.

Isa Mae Ballantynes Obituary:
Miss I.M. Ballantyne Died This Morning
Was Member of Prominent Family of Ottawa
Ottawa Citizen, May 6, 1929

A wide circle of friends will learn with regret of the death early this morning at her home, 54 Main Street, of Miss Isa May Ballantyne, daughter of the late James Ballantyne who died in 1925 and who was long identified with the public life of Ottawa east before its annexation to the city. Though suffering from serious illness for several weeks, Miss Ballantyne exhibited a rare spirit at unselfishness and enterprise.

Even near the end, her thoughts were frequently directed to the rendering of some service for others. Having moved with her family when a child from New Edinburgh to the new home then just completed, in the autumn of 1873, she resided continuously for more than fifty-five years in the same house. At an early age she became connected with the Congregational church and Sunday school at the corner of Elgin and Albert streets, now known as the First United Church on Florence Street. During the Intervening years she was active in various branches of work in that organization. Versatile in her interests and attainments, hers was a busy and fruitful life. She was a lover of good literature who possessed a highly cultured mind. When a young women music and painting claimed considerable of her attention. In the latter are she displayed exceptional talent and ability, as exemplified in a number of excellent productions. Flowers and birds had a special interest for her also. Of these she had made quite a close study and was well informed of regarding them. For many years she was an enthusiastic attendee at the excursions and lectures under the auspices of the Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club.

A brief sojourn occasionally at her cottage on Big Island in Blue Sea Lake afforded a welcome opportunity to observe the feathered life of that region, as well as to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty there. She was especially attached to the large old-fashioned garden at her home where, throughout most of the season, might be seen a wealth and variety of bloom. Her she loved to entertain friends, being always desirous that they should share the garden with her and many testify to the happy hours spent as her guests. Children of whom she was ever fond, were not overlooked in her hospitality. They too knew the spacious grounds as scenes of frolic and picnic. The district in which she lived particularly will feel that a great loss has been sustained in her demise. Watchful and ready at all times to be of assistance in undertakings in the common zeal she was an exemplary citizen and was credited with innumerable acts of kindness performed in a quiet and unobtrusive way. It truth it may be justly said of her that she leaves behind a memory "fragrant with good deeds". There remain two brothers, Norman F. Ballantyne of Hawthorne avenue and Adam of Clemow Avenue: also three cousins vis. Mrs. John Elliott who resided with her, Henry F. Ballantyne of Hawthorne avenue and J. Arthur Ballantyne of Patterson Avenue.

Interment will be made in Beechwood cemetery on Tuesday May 7.

Editors Note: Isa Mae was born about 1865 according to the 1891 Census.

Thomas Ballantynes Obituary:
Death of Mr. Thomas Ballantyne Occurs in 87th Year of His Age
Newspaper Unknown- probably the Ottawa Journal
Ottawa has lost one of its veteran businessmen in the passing of Mr. Thomas Ballantyne, which occurred this morning at his home, 145 Echo Drive, in his 87th year. He was a member of a family, which has done much for the development of the city, particularly the district known as Ottawa East.

Born at Newcastleton Scotland in 1873, Thomas Ballantyne came to Canada at the age of 14 years with his family. The family, comprising ten sons and three daughters, lived for some time near Smiths Falls. In his younger days, Thomas Ballantyne worked with his father as a mason and later went to Prescott where he learned the machinist trade. In the early sixties, he moved to Merrickville and with his brother James established the firm of J. and T. Ballantyne, which has continued in business without interruption since that time, prior to 1890 in the manufacture of barrels and barrel materials, and since that date in the coal business. The business expanded from Merrickville to Ottawa and in 1871, property was purchased on Echo Drive as a convenient place for shipping on the Rideau Canal. Since that time Mr. Ballantyne was a resident of Ottawa East and has seen it grow from a small settlement until it formed an important part of the city of Ottawa.

In 1868 while residing in Merrickville, Mr. Ballantyne married and was predeceased by his wife in 1918. He leaves three sons: Messrs. Henry F., J. Arthur and Dr Charles T. Ballantyne, all of Ottawa; three brothers, Mr James Ballantyne of Ottawa who is in his 89th year; Mr. Frank Ballantyne of Alexandria Bay, and Mr. Elliott Ballantyne.

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