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About The Author and Technical Director

Rick Wallace:

This history was written in part and compiled by Rick who was raised in Ottawa East during the 1950's and 60's. He is a retired teacher of earth sciences, historical geography and world issues. Amongst other things, he has previously self-published the story and play of "Scotty - the Smiling Serpent" and "The Lightness of Being A Weekend Viking". He is currently trying to finish the project-that-never-ends and return to his excellent vegetable garden.

David A. Walker:

David is retired from the Geological Survey of Canada and operates a business specializing in research and computer publishing. A resident of Edwards Ontario, he was co-opted into providing the technical direction of this project after establishing, in his now infamous tome, that computers were not toys but in fact tools. In addition to many other diverse activities, he is the current Web Master of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa.

John Arthorne:

John converted this project into a web site in 2012 and does ongoing maintenance. John has been a resident of Old Ottawa East since 2005, where he built and maintains the OECA, CAG, and Rainbow Kidschool web sites. In his spare time he develops software and plays with his kids.

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