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Composite Sketch Map of the Scholasticate Grounds in the 1930's
The sketch map shown below is a tracing of an original prepared by the Oblates for an anniversary presentation a few years ago. Certain elements have been added to reflect more of the activities at the St. Joseph Scholasticate that took place during the 1930's. Various map locations have been linked to annotated pictures found in the Image Gallery elsewhere on the CD-ROM.
Here an imaginary walk through these grounds is described in another section. The viewer may wish to toggle back and forth between this page and the map to gain a better orientation of the location.
Move the cursor over the map and when a hot spot is located, a cue card fly-out will appear identifying the picture. Click in the same location and a full size picture will appear.

Rear view of Holy Martyrs Making maple syrup View of Scholaticate and White House from the river Front view of the White House (Maison Blanche) Ste-Famille Church about 1920 Main greenhouse for vegetable gardens Rear view of Scholaticate heating plant Oblate cemetery near Clegg St. - exhumed in 1977 Preists and Brothers in gardens - colourized Sisters of the Sacred Heart Convent Original barn on two levels View looking across Rideau River about 1925 Cows munching grass in the vicinity Hockey game Covered Walkway about 1935 Shrine for meditation Statue of the Madonna Original Entrance Convent adjacent to Scholaticate Chicken coop and abattoir Veiw of Scholasticate from Town Hall window Looking north towards gas tank at the end of Lees Ave. Original Bell Tower Front view of Scholasticate Walkway near gardens Orininal chapel Original plans for Scholasticate Clue 1 of 2 Clue 2 of 2 Yes - you have found the "Secret Spot"

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For the viewer who perseveres, a Secret Spot may be located somewhere on the map. Going to this picture will provide the viewer with a bonus for the effort.