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SS#17 - Inspectors Report and Duties of Teachers -1890
The Inspector's report was issued on February 18, 1890 using a standard form for all schools. A scanned copy of that report is found here. The reverse of the form listed the duties of the Trustees, Teachers and Inspectors. The Duties of the Teachers has been reproduced below.
Regulation 12.

It shall be the duty of every teacher- .

To see that the school-house is ready for the reception of pupils at least fifteen minutes before the time prescribed for opening the school in the morning, and five minutes before the opening in the afternoon.

To prepare a time-table to be posted in some conspicuous part of the room for the guidance of himself and his pupils.

To prevent the use by the pupils of unauthorized text-books.

To give strict attention to the proper ventilati6n and cleanliness of the school-house; to make and enforce such rules as will ensure the keeping of the school grounds and outbuildings in a neat and cleanly condition.

To see that the school grounds, sheds and water-closets are kept in proper order; that no damage is done to the furniture, fences, outbuildings, or other school property; to give notice in writing to the Trustees of any necessary repairs or supplies.

To employ (unless otherwise provided for), at such compensation as may be fixed by the Board of Trustees, a suitable person to make fires, sweep the rooms, dust the walls, seats, desks, and other furniture; but no assistant teacher or pupil shall be required to perform such duty unless regularly employed for' that purpose as herein provided.

To give immediate notice to the trustees and inspector of his absence from school through illness or other unavoidable cause.

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