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Published in The Ottawa Citizen, January 26, 1876, Page 2, Column 2*
The Deep Cut - A New School House
For some time now a movement has been on foot to establish a school here. A petition was recently circulated in the village asking Trustee to erect a suitable building for the purpose. They complied and entrusted the locating of the school house to Mr. Jas. Ballantyne, one of their number. Mr. Arch. Stewart generously a lot on which to erect the building, and the use of three others to the school section.

A neat wooden structure, 24 x20 with 11 feet of ceilings, was then erected and furnished at a cost of $800. Mr. Ballantyne was architect, and in fact head and tail of the whole movement. Too great credit can not be given him for his indefatigable exertions or as a vote of thanks passed at the last meeting has it "for his zeal, energy and perseverance in carrying to such a successful the business of this section".

Miss Hasty was engaged as teacher. At the usual examination before the Christmas holidays, she showed that she was not unworthy of the confidence of the gentleman who engaged her, or of the parents and children, by the progress that the pupils had made in the few short weeks she had had them under her charge.

During last summer a proposition was made to have School Section 1 divided into two parts by lopping off that part known as Archville (late Deep Cut) and constituting it into a new section. This proposition being received with favor by the Council, a By-law was passed making Archville a new school section to be known as No. 17. The By-law came into effect last Christmas day. The Council assumed all the debts and will levy a tax, annually, equal to the amount of the debentures falling due and the interest upon the whole.

At a school meeting in December, Mr. G. H. Fawcett, Mr. Robert Lees and Mr. James Ballantyne were elected Trustees for terms of one, two and three years respectively. At the regular annual meeting held on 12th January the report of the Trustees showed the school to be in healthy condition, the debt having been liquidated and money for the current year's expenses provided, that Miss Hasty was given general satisfaction, and that there were no less than seventy-four names on the register, with an average attendance of over fifty.

Mr. Fawcett was re-elected as Trustee and Mr. Greenfield auditor. A vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Stewart for his genuine gift and the meeting adjourned. During the coming summer the land will be enclosed, and then we can present as creditable an appearance as any school section to the county.

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