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1901 Census of Ottawa East
The 1901 Census of Ottawa East was taken by W. E. Beaton. Schedule No. 1 Population, District No. 22 Carleton, Subdistrict G involved 30 pages with 50 listings per page with 34 columns each. The version below is abridged in that many of the columns have not been reproduced. If you really need to know the missing information then go online to the National Archives where you will find the entire 1901 manuscript. Use the version here to locate the name and page number for the online full version.
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1901 Census : Go here to find all the pages in one large file.

Use the browser's FIND BUTTON to locate a specific name. Alternately, you can go here to use the Search Engine provided with this disk. A detailed explanation of the columns and abbreviations is found just below.

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1901 Ottawa East Census Columns Explanation
Column Numbers: The numbers of the columns are the same as on the original manuscript
1 P1, etc.(Bold) = the actual page number in the census manuscript
1,2,3,etc. (not Bold) = the number of the family in sequence in the census manuscript
3 Last name and first name of the resident in that household
4 Gender of the person: M = Male, F = Female
6 Relationship toHead
of the household
H = Head of Household
W = Wife
S = Son
D = Daughter
SS = Stepson
SD = Stepdaughter
Sis = Sister
Br = Brother
GS = Grandson
GD = Granddaughter
AD = Adopted Daugh.
AS = Adopted Son
M = Mother
F = Father
Nce = Niece
MIL = Mother in law
FIL = Father in law
SIL = Son in law
DIL = Daughter in law
SIL = Sister in law
BIL = Brother in law
Bd = Boarder
Sr = Servant
7 Marital Status M = Married S = Single W = Widow
9 Year Born
11 Where Born O = Ontario
Q = Quebec
S = Scotland
E = England
I = Ireland
G = Germany
US = United States
NB = New Brunswick
Sw = Sweden
Dk = Denmark

F = France
Ind = India
Ch = China
Sws = Switzerland

12 Year Emigrated to Canada
14 Racial or Tribal Origin I = Irish
E = English
G = German
S = Scottish
F = French (Quebec)
Sw = Swedish
D or Dn = Danish
Ch = Chinese
16 Religion RC = Roman Cath.
L = Lutheran
M = Methodist
P = Presbyterian
A = Anglican
Ev = Evangelical
Cong = Congregational
B = Baptist
Br = Brethern
Conf = Confucious
17 Profession, occupation,
Trade or means of living
As listed in the column
31 Can Speak English y = yes, n = no
32 Can Speak French y = yes, n = no
33 Mother Tongue if spoken See Column 11 for abbreviations
Reminder: If the cell is vacant for Columns 1, 11, 14, 16, 31, 32 and 33, read the completed cell directly above in each family unit.


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