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1901 Municipal Directory and Census Combined
To provide an analysis tool for work on the 1901 Snapshot, the Municipal Directory was used to augment the census for that year. The Directory provides a listing for all employed adults at a specific address and includes the occupation and, in many cases, the employer.
Schedule #2 of the Census provides the street address, the ethnicity (Eth)and the family number (Fam). the Directory listing for the occupation has been included only if it differs from that of the Census. To find more about each family, consult the actual 1901 Census and use the FIND function of your browser to search for the name.
After combining the two databases, the data was sorted by street. Sadly this writer was not able to unlock the mysteries of Excel spreadsheets and therefore could not sort by street number. Nevertheless, with a little bit of scrolling you will be able to see the entire street. Comparing addresses today with buildings that existed in 1901, it appears that the numbers remained the same in most cases.

The ethnicity column from the original census was included to see if there was any significant groupings in the community. Apart from the German residents who settled in the Main, Glenora and Bronson area, there was no pattern of significance.

The occupation column shows that 66 of 394 adults (17%) listed in the Directory were employed directly by the railroads, almost all of these with the Canada Atlantic Railway at the massive 'round house' repair shop. The same column also reveals that there were 21 widows in the village, that's 5% of the total listing!

1901 Directory and Census Combined
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